Do you take selfies and post them on social media?  If you don’t it’s time that you did!  There’s been a lot of chat lately about  posting “selfies” and as an advocate for selfies I want to invite you to join the Summer of Selfies Challenge!  My good friend, Julie Weller, came up with the idea and as one of her BFF’s I am here to give her my 300% support!

As you may or may not know, Julie went through the nightmare of being diagnosed with breast cancer in April 2013. She started taking selfies each day to show the face of cancer and to record the changes that she went through. She had her good days, her bad days and her in between days and through her journey we were there with her, seeing her in her selfies no matter what. She didn’t shy away from posting pics of herself because she thought that she looked too bald or too tired or too anything that she experienced. Nope, she posted one selfie a day, bravely, honestly and for all the world to see. And as she progressed through chemo, and then radiation, and then through God’s miracle, healing, she continued to post selfies. Every single day. Because she’s thankful for the blessing of being alive, feeling whole again, and knowing that she is here on this earth to share herself and her story to encourage others in their journey.

How did the idea of a Selfie Challenge come about?  Because we post a lot of selfies on Instagram and Facebook, we sometimes hear comments from other people about how we look in our pics, or people comment on the sheer number of pics. Add to that the fact that we sometimes hear from women that they don’t want their photo posted because they don’t like the way they look.  I am thankful for the way you look in your selfies even if you think you look fat, bloated, too skinny, too shiny, whatever, because it means you are here on this earth and that God has blessed you with another day to share yourself with those that love you. As Julie says, “Embrace your flaws, they’re what make you YOU!”

Your friends and family see you every day, they already know what you look like. If you’re feeling overweight or too thin that day, they don’t see that, all they see is the love radiating out of your beautiful face and they’re happy that you’re sharing your experience of living with them. Now, I understand that if you’re an artist you may frequently post pictures of your art, because that’s what represents you. That’s awesome, but every once in a while switch it up and post a selfie so that your fans can see who the amazing artist is behind all those wonderful creations.

You can read more about the Summer of Selfies Challenge and how it all got started on Julie’s blog. We’ll be posting prompts each week to get you started and we’ll be doing it too, so you’re not going to be alone in this.

We want to see your selfies, please join us in this challenge on Instagram and Facebook!


With love and sending you great selfie juju,


Christine Barker

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