“Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful. ”

~Norman Vincent Peale



Vintage Marketplace rounded banner


With the Vintage Marketplace coming up in Rainbow, CA on December 5-7, 2014, I have a lot of work to do to ensure that my booth is looking beautiful, reflects the theme, is filled with coveted treasures and looks and feels like my style. I’m still in the process of defining what I’m all about, but I’m using today’s post as a sort of inspiration board to show what I’m thinking about and the feeling I want you to have when you enter my space at this wonderful, vintage-filled flea market.


Carol Spinski

Photo:  Carol Spinski

This image was photographed by the very talented Carol Spinski. I love the feeling that I get by seeing this beautiful wreath, frosted with snow, hanging on a white garden gate. I have some ideas about how the entrance of my booth will look and I want to welcome everyone to my “pop up shop” with my favorite things presented in a wintery setting, even if the weather isn’t cooperating!




Photo: http://creativemuggle.tumblr.com/

Can you believe the vintage allure of this gorgeous Christmas tree? Did you notice the stunning white peacock gracing the top? Dreamy, dazzling and heavenly are what I think of when I see this.



Photo from Vintage Lovelies on Flickr

This vintage holiday card is simply adorable with a gleaming, pink christmas tree and a precious tiny church in the background. Just looking at this image gives me some ideas for some projects to make!




Photo: Matthew Mead, featured on Curious Sofa

I’m going to be suffusing my space with an elegant yet playful ambiance. It’ll be brimming with vintage flair and I’m thinking it needs to have pops of light pink throughout.



Bonne Annee

My hope is that when people enter my booth they’ll feel like a darling child in a magical toyshop, finding treasures that they can’t leave without and dragging their feet when it’s time to leave.



The Decorated House Christmas 2011  Crown Nest Anthro type Centerpiece

Photo:  The Decorated House


The aesthetic of my booth will be Shabby Chic and you’ll feel a warm sense of welcome. I’ll have vintage-inspired ornaments, sparkling decorations and a selection of vintage and antique pretties that I’ve collected over the years. I’m so excited to see who will be there and I can’t wait to share my collection of treasures with them.



Please stop by my booth at the Vintage Marketplace and I’ll have a little gift for you. Just say that you found out about it from this blog post!


Have a wonderful and creative weekend!


Christine Barker


PS:  I just found out today that one of my creations, a vintage-inspired Swan Top Hat, was featured on a Swedish Christmas Blog!  I’m so excited, it’s fun to be featured by a fellow blogger!  You can check out their post here at The Christmasblogg.


The translation:

Tips on my good friend Christine’s blog , an absolute must to check out !

Here you can learn how much time, she is absolutely stunning and makes many beautiful things !