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From the moment I first learned about the Relics & Artifacts line from Sandra Evertson I knew that I needed to get my hands on some and start creating. That opportunity came recently when I signed up to take a class with Sandra at the Prima Marketing headquarters. Although I wasn’t able to make the class, Julie Weller picked up my bag of goodies for me so I wouldn’t miss out.

Sandra created a Relics & Artifacts Tribe group on Facebook so that we could see what other artists were creating and showcase our creations. From soldered to painted to decoupaged and blinged out, the tribe has been creating some beautiful treasures!

Today I used the “Archival Cast: Chivalry” set which features a heart, a flame, a set of wings and a sword.  You can find these for sale at various retailers including Sandra Evertson’s shop and Retro Art Cafe.


Are you ready?  Here we go!



  • Relics & Artifacts set, “Archival Cast: Chivalry”,
  • Loctite Super Glue
  • Acrylic Paint: Cherry Red, Light Orange, Light Yellow, Gold
  • Gold Wax: DecoArt Metallic Lustre in “Gold Rush”
  • Thin strip of lacy gold Dresden
  • Wired, white paper mini roses in very small and small
  • 6” x 6” Wooden Tray
  • Hot Glue Sticks
  • Cardboard or chipboard, cut to 5” x 5” square
  • Cotton batting, cut to 5” x 5” square
  • Velvet, cut to 6” x 6” square
  • Lacy embellishment
  • 10” string of rhinestones, cut into two 5” lengths



  • Pliers
  • Small Paint Brush
  • Medium Paintbrush
  • Paper towels
  • Hot glue gun



1.  First, remove the eye screw from the top of the flame using your pliers, give it a few twists.

2.  Next, glue the flame to the heart using Loctite super glue or something like that.


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3. Once the glue is dry, paint the heart first and then the bottom 1/3 of the flame with a deep red paint (I used Americana acrylic paint in Cherry Red) with your medium size paintbrush or sponge brush. Once you’ve painted some red on the flame, give it a quick rub with a paper towel to allow the paint to settle into the low spots. Allow to dry for a couple minutes.

4. Next, you’ll paint the second 1/3 of the flame with a light orange acrylic paint (I used Craft Smart, from Michaels) and rub it in with a paper towel, blending it into the red that you already painted.

5. Now you’ll paint the top 1/3 of the flame with a light yellow acrylic paint and again, rub it with the paper towel to get the paint into the low spots. Set the piece aside to dry.

6. Once your piece is nice and dry, apply some gold wax (I used DecoArt Metallic Lustre in “Gold Rush”) just to the high spots with a small paint brush. Using a new papertowel, rub the wax in and give it a little buff.


Ex Voto photo 2


7. Using your hot glue gun, glue a thin strip of lacy gold dresden around the bottom of the heart. Next, glue a strip of dresden around the neck of the heart and allow to cool.

8. Next you’ll be creating the gold flowers that ring the heart. First, paint some paper mini roses gold. Use flowers that have wires so that you can create a grouping of them.  Allow the paint to dry. If you have a sprig of wired beads, paint that gold and that will be the foundation for the flowers, otherwise you can just use the flowers themselves and it will look just as lovely!

9. Since you’ve got your gold paint out, go ahead and paint the 6″ x 6″ Wooden Tray gold as well and set it aside to dry.

10. Once the paint on your flowers is dry, begin wiring them to the sprig of wired beads. I just added them to the sprig in a random fashion, wrapping the wire around the sprig so that the flowers wouldn’t fall off. I used 5 small roses and 3 large roses. If you don’t have a sprig of wired beads you can just wrap the wire from the flowers around each other until you have a nice grouping that is long enough to fit across your heart.

11. Glue your grouping of roses to your heart and admire your work. How amazing are you?

12. Next, cut a piece of cardboard into a 5″ x 5″ square. Glue the piece of batting to the cardboard and set aside to cool.

13. Cut a piece of velvet to 6″x 6″ square. Lay the cardboard and batting on the wrong side of the velvet with the batting side down. Starting on one side of the cardboard, squeeze out a line of hot glue and very carefully press the edge of the velvet into the glue. Repeat on the other 3 sides. You should have a sweet mini pillow of velvet lusciousness.

14. Add a lacy embellishment with your hot glue gun.

15. Glue the mini velvet pillow into your wooden tray and glue the Ex Voto on top of the lacy embellishment. Be sure to eyeball the placement carefully before setting it down. Once it’s down, that’s it! If it’s slightly off center, just love it anyways. As my mom always says, a man on a galloping horse would never notice!

16. Finish off your treasure with a string of rhinestones on the top and the bottom, adhered with hot glue. Be super careful in this step or you could end up with hot glue all over your beautiful velvet!

17. Now you can really pat yourself on the back. Take a picture and post it to the Relics & Artifacts Tribe  on Facebook so that we can all admire your wonderful creation!



Ex Voto photo 3


I’d love to hear from you, leave a comment and tell me how this project turned out for you!


Thanks for stopping by!



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