For reals this summer is going by way too fast!  Here we are in the final week of the Summer of Selfies Challenge. It’s been 6 weeks guys, can you believe that? Read on to learn more and find out how to enter the giveaway!

This week brings us another awesome group of prompts to inspire you on your journey to Selfie Nirvana. Is the process getting easier for you?  I know that I’ve been slacking in the posting department but with this being the final week I’ve already got a pic up on Instagram from my trip to the local flea market this morning.

Have you enjoyed the journey with us?  We’ve talked about how to take better selfies, suggested some great apps to bring out the best in your pics, gave some tips for some great poses, and we got to see your smiling faces on Instagram!

Keep up the good work. To reward you for your efforts there’s a giveaway going on over on Julie Weller’s page for some super cute mugs! Are you in it to win it?

I’m looking forward to seeing what you’ve got this week! Don’t forget to hashtag your pics with #summerofselfies2015 !



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