As we head into fall, one of my favorite traditions is to visit Rogers Gardens in Newport Beach, CA with my friend, Julie Weller, to see their spectacular Halloween Boutique and do a little shopping.  Creative Director Eric Cortina and his team are so creative and build all of their props by hand and it’s really fascinating to see what they come up with each year.  With the theme of “Something Wicked This Way Comes” and four rooms full of spooky cool Halloween decorations, this year did not disappoint!

From Rogers Gardens:

“Surrounded by unseen forces, a mysterious traveling carnival has pulled into town.  Tent doors flap amidst the dry, swirling autumn wind.  The night crackles with an odd vibration, as if a veil of peculiarity has settled over these hallowed grounds.  A maelstrom of sights, sounds, smells, and people…this is Halloween at Roger’s Gardens…this is Carnival.

As you wander our beautiful gardens, prepare yourself as you are pulled from the shadows into the vortex of our Big Top.  This isn’t your garden-variety nursery anymore.  We have a heart-thumping, dark side too, and we prepared four tents just for you.”

Come along with me on a journey to a place that isn’t what it seems at first and discover something truly wicked!



No field trip is complete without a hearty breakfast. We started off our morning at Pandor Artisan Boulangerie in Newport Beach. If you go you have to try the OMG Bar, so yummy!




This lush gorgeousness is the front entrance to Rogers Gardens.



Something Wicked 1

The front entrance of the Halloween rooms was stacks of wooden containers painted to look like the opening of a circus tent.



Once you’re inside there are several rooms creatively displaying the merchandise. I love the over-the-top props and merchandise.



How about a magical rabbit in a magicians hat?




This room was adorned with gorgeous chandeliers dripping in sparkling crystals.





Don’t swoon, my darling!





I love the glass ornaments designed by the Creative Director, Eric Cortina, hanging on the Halloween tree.





Who can resist antique apothecary jars and bottles? This room was incredible. The liquid in the jars was bubbling! You can see them for yourself in the video below.





A selection of apothecary goods and magical potions





I’m absolutely fascinated by Ouija boards but I’m afraid to touch them!



Thank you so much for joining me on this journey to Rogers Gardens for their Halloween Boutique.



Christine Barker


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