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This past weekend I was delighted to be a vendor at The Vintage Marketplace at the Oaks in Rainbow, California for their fall event. Although the weather was warm, a wonderful crowd came out to see all of the beautiful wares offered by the very talented vendors at this amazing flea market. From gorgeous handmade pumpkins to shabby chic refinished furniture and vintage industrial goods, there was truly something for everyone.

My BFF, Julie Weller, and I began set up on Thursday so that we would be ready for the ladies who line up hours ahead of time on Friday to be among the first to discover the treasures offered for sale. Julie and I share some tastes in common but we also have our own individual style and this was fully represented in our booth. One side was the more ruffly, shabby chic side and the other side showcased more of a vintage industrial flair.

We worked hard to collect or hand make each and every piece and to create the booth, but all of the work was rewarded when customers came through with positive comments and made their purchases. We especially love to meet new customers and we are so thankful for the friends who stopped by to chat.


Enjoy these photos from our booth:


TVM Fall 2015 01

My beautiful sign, painted by the very talented Lisa Loria


TVM Fall 2015 07 copy


Day 1 . You can see the Shabby Chic on the left and the Vintage Industrial on the right.



TVM Fall 2015 15 copy

Embroidery hoops filled with vintage tablecloth fabric were hung around the booth to give it some Tattered through Time romance.


TVM Fall 2015 08 copy

I planted some pumpkins with succulents and LOVE the way they turned out!



TVM Fall 2015 06

A little touch of handmade Halloween was incorporated into the goods for sale



TVM Fall 2015 18 copy

I fell in love with this hand painted antler piece that I created because of its beauty and versatility. Not only is it a stunning decoration but it could also be used to display your beautiful jewelry collection.


TVM Fall 2015 12 copy

One side of the booth featured tattered vintage industrial merchandise.



TVM Fall 2015 13 copy

Day 2 featured a new configuration to the booth with additional items added. You’ll notice that there’s only one metal heart left in the center of the picture. We started with 31 of these and sold them all within the first two days!


TVM Fall 2015 11 copy

A handmade purse made from burlap, ruffles and roses.



TVM Fall 2015 10 copy

The jewelry display.


TVM Fall 2015 17 copy
Day 3 featured another assortment of merchandise.



TVM Fall 2015 04 copy

Necklace made with a vintage shoe decoration featuring double infinity links, black beads and sparkle!


TVM Fall 2015 05 copy

This necklace features cream beads and mother-of-pearl buttons.


TVM Fall 2015 02 copy

A handmade “Big Ass Bag” made from gorgeous vintage-themed fabric.


Thank you to Rita Reade and Christie Repasy for hosting such a wonderful event. As always they chose a wonderful selection of vendors with beautiful merchandise that I not only enjoyed being neighbors with but indulged in shopping from, as well.

Mark your calendar for the Holiday event happening on December 4th-6th. Follow The Vintage Marketplace on Facebook so that you don’t miss a thing!


Thank you so much for stopping by!


Christine Barker


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