Group Photo 1 Pura Vida


With all of the beautiful colors and friends I met in Costa Rica, I was inspired to take so many pictures from my life-changing trip so here is part dos of my adventure of Painting in Paraiso with Mati & Faith.



The bougainvillea colors are so intensely gorgeous!  One single plant had both fuchsia and white on the same branch.




Just in front of the house there was a lush ginger plant.




Mati showed us how to make Feather Power Girls and painted a picture of the lovely and beautiful Lily.



Watching the metamorphosis of this painting by Annamieka was amazing. At first her girl had horns but then she evolved into a more peaceful loving girl with a White Throated Magpie Jay on her shoulder. I can’t remember the name of the bird in Spanish but they were really cute birds who would fly up into our work space and watch us work.



This is my Feather Power Girl with a Gold Leaf headband.


Pura Vida 2016 12

Isn’t this the dreamiest space to create in?



Faith demonstrated how to use silk screening in our work.



Fishing Trip 1

I went sport fishing with Faith and Janelle very early on Friday morning. We were hoping to catch some yellow fin tuna for dinner that night. Instead we caught black fin tuna which the fishing guides then used for bait.




Can you believe I reeled in this guy?  He’s a Roosterfish with a beautiful dorsal fin.  He fought me so hard that I almost gave up and I wanted to pass the pole to Janelle. Every time I would pause for a second this guy would swim away and pull out all of the line that I’d just reeled in. Janelle was so sweet and told me that I could do this, “You’ve got this”, she said. Then she pointed out that you could see the flash of silver from the fish. Her words, along with seeing that I almost had this guy pulled in, inspired me to keep fighting him and eventually I reeled him in. Can you see how I’m trying not to touch this fish?  He was a little bit slimey!



Ceci celebrated her 50th birthday with us so each of us created a painting for her to take home. This turtle is my little guy.



Here’s all of the art for Ceci hung up together and they are so stunning!



We had a delicious chocolate cake with strawberries on top. I wonder what Ceci wished for? Later that night we performed some amazing water ballet and synchronized swimming routines that may have been inspired by all of the wine we were drinking. We were incredible, on cue and totally in sync. There’s video footage of it somewhere!  lol



On our last day we laid our art out on the grass to admire. These are our watercolors.



Here are our collaged and acrylic paintings. It was so amazing to see everybody’s art and how different it was in style.



This is Marta, the beautiful soul who cooked our breakfast and lunch. One day we all realized that about half of the girls were born under the birth sign of Cancer and two of them were birthday twins. We asked Marta what sign she was and she’s a Libra. As it turns out her birthday is on October 13 and she’s my birthday twin!




Here I am with Mati.




On our last evening together we launched a magical lantern into the world and sent out our creative intentions with it. It flew up and over the water and disappeared into the sky.



We sent another lantern up and it was such a treat to see the joy in everyone’s faces as it finally began to slowly rise into the air. It was such an enchanting moment! (PS: the lanterns are biodegradeable!)

I can’t even put into words how amazing this week was for me. I feel like I’m a different person and I have Faith, Mati and all of the girls to thank for that. My goal for the week was to learn more about painting but I came away from Costa Rica with a full heart, new art sisters, a new adventure under my belt and a bunch of confidence that I haven’t felt in years. If you’re interested in signing up for next years adventure, Painting in Paraiso with Mati & Faith, the registration is open!

Thank you for joining me here on my adventure!