I’ve been interested in taking an indigo dying class for a couple years now so yesterday I took a trip to French General in Los Angeles and took the Shibori Dying class with Kaari Meng.

We began class by learning how to prepare the Indigo Vats. Then, Kaari walked us through how to use beads, marbles, wood blocks, string and thread to create patterns on our fabric. Each of the techniques has a special name such as Itajime, Nui, Kimo and Ne-Maki and gives a different and beautiful result. We were provided with various materials to practice on including silk, and several pieces of cotton. I purchased a very cool linen apron from the shop and brought along a tank top and some yards of cotton lace to dye.


French General Indigo 2

The results are stunning!


French General Indigo 3

Kaari demonstrated how to use the traditional Sashiko stitch technique. Sashiko literally means “little stabs” and involves creating short, rice length stitches in a pattern on the fabric.


French General Indigo 4

This is my first attempt at creating even, short stitches. Looks like I need some more practice!


I loved this class and of course I want to invest in the tools and materials to do some more. It’s just a little addicting!

The class I took was the last one of the season but stay tuned to the French General website for news on classes in the fall.


Thanks for joining me!



Christine Barker