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If you’re friends with me on Facebook this is old news but I want to shout out my good news about being published in Jewelry Affaire Magazine again, this time in the April/May/June 2016 edition.  I didn’t realize that I was going to be published again so it was a thrilling surprise to receive my published artist copy in the mail and see my necklace and bracelets in print. Thank you to Natalie Way and Stampington & Company for supporting artists and allowing them to share their creations with the community!


Peach Melodiam


Last year I created a series of jewelry sets using Relics & Artifacts pieces from Sandra Evertson and this is the second set to be published. For this piece I used the Rising Spirit set and challenged myself to decorate it using tools I hadn’t used before so I colored it using a peach Copic marker. I added a soldered silver scalloped collar on the edge and inserted a Sacred Heart image into the recess and sealed it with resin.

I love combining materials that you don’t usually see together and the unexpected texture of the rough-hewn African Trade Beads used in conjunction with the smooth textures of the freshwater pearls creates an unexpected harmony.

I’ve recently lost my creativity so seeing this again makes me super happy and inspires me to want to create more jewelry. Plus, someone ordered a bracelet from my Etsy shop last night so that has me over the moon excited that someone wants a piece of jewelry that I made with my own hands. I’ve been creating some boho and beach-inspired stretchy bracelets that will be posted in my shop soon so check back if you’re curious to see what I’ve been up to!

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