Barn Owl Doll


Recently I participated in a swap hosted by Julie Weller called The Sweet & Sinister Swap.


Here are the Rules:

It’s a one-on-one swap with the sweet and sinister theme and the guidelines call for VINTAGE STYLE black and white—with a splash of orange, green, purple, or red being fine too. The swap items can be Halloween oriented, but they don’t have to be. However, almost everything should be black or white (any shade of white/cream/antique white, etc.) or both, unless you and your partner have decided otherwise.
The swap will require sending to your partner:
Something sweet
Something sinister
A handmade item
Something thrifted
A home decor item
…it’s all left open to your interpretation.


For my handmade item I created a Steampunk Barn Owl using paperclay. This was my first time creating a barn owl so I set up several pictures of different takes on a barn owl around my work table for inspiration.

Barn Owl Doll

He’s sporting a fancy ruffled collar made out of dyed cheesecloth, black tulle and Halloween fabric.



Barn owl doll

For his hat, I painted a dapper top hat and added a clock face festooned with watch gears and a festive black feather. I’m pretty excited with the way he turned out and will be creating a girl owl for my next project. She’s got sweet pink cheeks and will be dressed in more girly attire.


Thanks for stopping by!


-Christine Barker


PS:  I’m hosting a class taught by the very talented Sylvr Sharp on October 29th, 2016. She’ll be teaching us how to create a mixed-media shadowbox using techniques that she’s created over the years while working as one of the creative minds behind the scenes of Roger’s Gardens fabulous Halloween and Christmas shops. To learn more, click here and you can sign up for the class there as well!