I recently took a class with Colleen Moody, hosted by Kim Caldwell, to make this beautiful doll featuring a snow scene in the cloche underneath her. Taking classes at Kim’s Artistic Bliss studio is always a treat because it is so dreamy!  There are so many gorgeous and hard to find treasures that you could spend all of your class time admiring her collections!

We started this project by creating the doll, since she is made out of paperclay and needed to be able to dry before we could paint and decorate her.



Then we created the sweet little snow person.




We started dressing our dolls in class but I ended up finishing her at home. I did some research online and created a new Pinterest board, Prima Ballerina, so I could collect all of my ideas for her tutu in one place. Dressing the doll is the most stressful part for me because I want every detail to look perfect. (I still haven’t finished the last doll that I made in a class with Colleen because I can’t decide how I want her dress to look!)

Her dress is made out of velveteen, embellished with trim featuring sequins and beads. I had some gorgeous pink trim with balls on it that I’d been hoarding for some time that worked perfectly on her sleeves. The antique lace for the sleeves was discovered during my trip to England a couple years back and I’m so happy to be able to use it on such a beautiful project. Her sash is a ballet pink silk ribbon and features a rhinestone crown on the bow. The flowers are vintage beauties from Czechoslovakia and I’ve been hoarding those for a while now, too. Her underskirt is vintage bridal lace that I stained with tea and under that is a tutu of light pink tulle.




The crown is embellished with vintage glass glitter and features a rhinestone for extra shimmer. I created her necklace using itty bitty, tiny baby pink freshwater pearls.


I’m so happy that she turned out unbelievably beautiful and I’m thankful to Colleen for sharing her skills so generously. And a great big thank you to Kim Caldwell for promoting artists who teach such high quality classes where I can learn advanced skills and create such beauty!


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