This weekend I had the pleasure of attending a Nellie Wortman class at Kim Caldwell’s studio in Los Angeles. After the class was done we swapped handmade presents with each other and as usual they were over the top amazing!


This swap was the Holiday Dreams Box hosted by Cheri.  We were given guidelines about the size of the box and some ideas about how to decorate it. Then we received a list of things that our partners liked that we could incorporate into the box.  My secret swap partner that I got to create for was Robin Howes. She is really talented so the pressure was on for me to create something worthy of her and also of all of the talented women that were participating in the swap.



Robin indicated that she liked “snowmen, birds and dolls”. So, I incorporated a snow lady that I learned how to make in class with Colleen Moody. There are birds finished with silver glitter ensconced in the tree. And there is a frozen charlotte doll tucked into the sleigh.





Here’s a close up of the adorable snow lady.




The sleigh is filled with miniature presents wrapped up with lace, velvet ribbon and vintage millinery flowers. I added a string of lights to the Christmas tree and was so pleased with myself that I did the happy dance when I admired my work!




I just adore the sleigh, it’s so dreamy with it’s fine white glitter!



The box is covered in antique sheet music from 1910, and includes a wonderful flash of rhinestones and panels with vintage pictures of birds in a Christmas tree.



These are the boxes from all of the artists. I’m sorry that my phone didn’t take such great pictures, it’s “old” technology. But you can see that there are beautiful details in each and every one.


Thank you to Kim for hosting another wonderful event and a big thank you to Cheri for hosting the swap.



Christine Barker