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Hello Crafters!

How would you like to see dazzling Home Decor for this weeks Lovebug Creations Rumple Ribbon project?

Scarlet Calliope True Love 1

I got the “Victorian Romance” cartridge from Cricut a couple weeks ago, along with a pack of “Antique Chic” paper from We R Memory Keepers and I couldn’t wait to play with it all. I may be living in 2013 but my heart is pure vintage!

Using my Cricut, I first cut out the shadow design from black paper. Next I cut out the Lady and Gentleman design from the Antique Chic patterned paper. I cut these out at 8″.

Scalet Calliope True Love 3

Then I cut out the “True” and the “Love” from two coordinating papers. The word “TRUE” is cut at 1 inch and the “LOVE” was cut at 2″.  Once everything was glued into place, I applied glue onto the letters in the word TRUE and sprinkled Twinklets Diamond Dust finely ground glass.  I used my styrofoam pop dots to raise the lady and her lover off the page.

Scarlet Calliope True Love 4

Next, I glued some vintage flowers to her head and her dress. I bought these flowers at an estate sale several months ago for a mere pittance. They were actually part of a dilapidated hat, but I didn’t care, since I just wanted all these lovely velvet flowers for making craft projects!

Scarlet Calliope True Love 2

Next, I created a loose foof out of Lovebug Creations Rumple Ribbon in “Olive You”. I have a special technique for taming this beautiful but wild and unruly ribbon and I’m going to let you in on my secret. I wrap the ribbon loosely around my fingers, this time it was 4 fingers, and I stop when it seems like I have enough fullness, which was after I wrapped around my fingers 3 times. I carefully lay it down on my table and then cut a length of the same color, or sometimes a contrasting color, of about 3 inches. I carefully slide this ribbon underneath the foof, put the ends together and tie it off. (It’s kind of like making a pom pom, but without the other 77 wraps around your hand, red, throbbing fingers and the loss of circulation). Finally, I trim upside down V’s into the ends of the ribbon so that they have perky edges. Since this is a dressy occasion, I added a vintage rhinestone broach to the foof and would you look at that sparkle?

Scarlet Calliope True Love 1

I think this would look pretty framed in a black shadowbox.

  • Ribbon: Lovebug Creations Rumple Ribbon “Olive You”
  • Paper: We R Memory Keepers “Antique Chic”
  • Cricut cartridge: Victorian Romance
  • Glitter: Twinklets Diamond Dust

Thank you all for joining me!