Have you heard the news?  It’s got the blog world in an uproar!  So, I’m hitching my wagon to BlogLovin so that I can follow my favorite blogs without any disruption.

Follow my blog with Bloglovin


Good Luck, dear readers! It looks like BlogLovin has a way to import all of the blogs you currently follow on Google Reader over to BlogLovin as long as you do it before Google Reader goes away!  Google plans to shut down Reader on July 1, 2013. The first step is to Export Your Feeds. First, log in to your Google account. Then, by using this link, it will immediately download your RSS Feeds. If you’re not sure which reader you’ll be using, it’s nice to have a copy of those feeds on your hard drive.

If you’ve decided to use BlogLovin’ to follow your favorite blogs, there’s a simple step to export your feeds right into Bloglovin‘. Super easy and you won’t miss any of your favorite blogs!

Good Luck!