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A Gilded Life Call for Design Team Members

A while back I was a member of the Gilded Girls Stash Society from Shea Fragosa and Debbie Murray, but I had to stop because I kept stashing and hoarding and I’m still really struggling with using the vintage pretties that I got in those couple of months. I just like to have it and look at it!  Anyone else feel that way about their stash?

Gilded Girls Stash Society

If you’re anything like me, you love vintage trim, antique flowers, silver sequined ribbons and this is your perfect opportunity! They’ve announced a Design Team Call and the benefits are pretty nice.

Gilded Girls Stash Society

They are looking for projects featuring stitching, jewelry, papercrafting, collage, and mixed-media. They want you to pull out all the stops and show them what you’ve got! And when they say pull out all the stops, that means embellish and decorate, and when you think it’s enough, don’t stop. Keep going!

Gilded Girls Stash Society

I can’t possibly put this design team call into better words so I’ll just give you what Shea Fragoso and Debbie Murray are saying:

“Are you a romantic at heart, with a passion for all things worn and wonderful, glittery and glamorous?

Are you a versatile artist/crafter that would enjoy working with the products that A Gilded Life offers, and a desire to work on a small design team with the potential for widespread exposure?

Then we are looking for you!”

Deadline for submissions is June 5.

Gilded Girls Stash Society

Check the What Happens Next blog for all of the details!

Good luck, Friends!


Christine Barker