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ScarletCalliope 4th of July Earrings 1

Hello Crafters!

Kimi Cremar from Lovebug Creations gave me a challenge this week. She pointed out that I’ve made necklaces and bracelets using Rumple Ribbon and challenged me to make some earrings!

ScarletCalliope 4th of July Earrings 6

So, this week I dreamed up and created these earrings inspired by the 4th of July and patriotic bunting.

ScarletCalliope 4th of July Earrings 2

I used the ribbon from the Lovebug Creations Star Spangled Rumple Ribbon Collection. This beautiful collection features Simply Red, Simply White and Simply Blue.

ScarletCalliope 4th of July Earrings 3

The “Star Spangled” Rumple Ribbon Collection gives you 4 yards of EACH color. That’s 12 yards of ribbon for only $6.00!

ScarletCalliope 4th of July Earrings 5

To give these earrings some sparkle I added a rhinestone to the center of each adorable bow.

How to Make a Rosette

ScarletCalliope 4th of July Earrings 8

1. Measure out 7 inches of ribbon. Thread your needle with 12 inches of thread, double it up and knot it at the end.

2. Next, insert your needle into the edge of your ribbon. Then, begin running your needle in and out of the fabric and create a 1/8″ running stitch.

3. Run your stitch all the way across. I usually bring a couple gathers up onto the needle at one time and then gently pull the thread all the way through.

4. Once you get to the end of your ribbon, pull gently on your ribbon to slide it in small waves across your thread towards the knotted end. When you’ve gathered to the length you want, tie off your thread in a couple knots. I’m super OCD so I make 3 knots. Every. Single. Time.

Finish the Rosette

ScarletCalliope 4th of July Earrings 9

1. Place your raw edges (the two ends) together and fold them over 1/8″ and then fold again. You can pin this or just hold it while you put a couple of quick stitches in.

2. Run your thread from the seam that you just stitched over to the opposite side and make a couple stitches to keep the hole in the center from opening.

3. Voila, a finished rosette!

(Polka dot pattern background thanks to Frenzy McGee)

Are you ready for a SURPRISE?

I’m so happy that this is my 50th post that I’m ready to celebrate with a special gift for a lucky winner!

Sign up to follow me via email and leave me a comment telling me your favorite part of the 4th of July and I’ll be picking a winner for a special present!  I have a Mixed Media stamp from the oh-so-talented Julie Nutting to give away to the WINNER! Winner will be announced next Tuesday!

Julie Nutting Stamp

Thank you for joining me!


Christine Barker