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ScarletCalliope Witch Hat 14

I’m going to tell you a little secret. Halloween is my favorite Holiday. I know, I know, you’re asking yourself “What about Christmas, and Easter, and geez, why are you slighting Arbor Day?”

Because Halloween rules! What’s not to love about a holiday that’s centered around dressing up like someone else and getting more candy than you know what to do with? It’s my fave and that’s that!

Are you ready for a spooky Witches Hat tutorial featuring Lovebug Creations Rumple Ribbon? In all of its highly detailed and over-photographed glory, I present to you….a BeWitching Hat Tutorial! You’ll find the hat template available to download and print out down below.

ScarletCalliope Witch Hat 1

First you’ll cut out your shapes. I’m making 3 hats so I cut out 3 sets of shapes. There’s the cone shape on top, the brim in the middle and plain black paper on the bottom to glue to the brim to give it more stability.

ScarletCalliope Witch Hat 3

Start off by sticking on some double-sided adhesive tape to your tab on the cone. I use Sookwang 1/4″ Double Sided Tape because all the cool kids are using it and also because it sticks like nobody’s business!

ScarletCalliope Witch Hat 4

Then you’re going to peel the paper back off your adhesive tape, roll up your cone and stick it together. Also, glue together the brim to the plain paper and set it aside to dry.

ScarletCalliope Witch Hat 6

It will make it easier to assemble if you cut a hole in the middle of the brim once it’s dry. If you don’t have a fancy hole making punch like this, just use your scissors and cut out a small 1″ hole in the middle like a big pretty donut!

ScarletCalliope Witch Hat 5

For each hat, create a tab with your Double Sided Tape and a strip of paper measuring approximately 2″ long. Cut the strip so that it’s 2 strips that are each 1″ long and fold each of these in half.

ScarletCalliope Witch Hat 7

Attach the strips to the inside of the cone shape, one on either side.

ScarletCalliope Witch Hat 8

Then attach the cone shape to the brim using those strips. This is why you want that hole in the middle. Trust me, I tried to do it without the hole the first time and it no workie.

ScarletCalliope Witch Hat 18

I added some gorgeous Lovebug Creations Rumple Ribbon to each of my hats for a simple and elegant look. I used Simply Black from the “Just the Basics” collection and some William from the “Oh Cecilia” collection.

ScarletCalliope Witch Hat 10

But, you know me, I can’t stop there.  It looks elegant with just paper and ribbon, but what if I add some fun, spooky details?

ScarletCalliope Witch Hat 13

Like a pretty vintage witch cut out from my collage sheet, edged in silver glitter. And what about some wispy feathers, and a vintage black velvet flower? Next, a pretty bow made from Rumple Ribbon topped off with a vintage mother of pearl button.

ScarletCalliope Witch Hat 12

On this hat I used a vintage advertisement from my collage sheet, some black tulle, a silk flower and some fun Rumple Ribbon.

ScarletCalliope Witch Hat 11

This hat has some intricate details. Like the worlds smallest paper rosette, with another pretty witch edged in silver glitter, some wispy feathers and more Rumple Ribbon.

ScarletCalliope Witch Hat 15

When I’m on a roll I’m on a roll. I had this dollar store dolly just waiting to be made into a haunted waif. I used some grey chalk under her eyes and around her face to make her look like a lil sorceress and dang if she doesn’t look cute wearing a BeWitching Hat! Silly, I know, but why not?

Scarlet Calliope Witches Hat Template

Here’s the template for the hat.

And, if you’re interested in the Spooky Collage images that I used, you can see them in the Scarlet Calliope Etsy Shop. I am offering an entire set of 19 high res mini Vintage Halloween images for only $2.00!

ScarletCalliope Halloween Vintage Graphic Images low res

Thank you so much for stopping by. I’m excited to let you know that me and the other Lovebug Creations Creative Team members cordially invite you to a Blog Hop starting on Saturday, September 7. You won’t want to miss the Something Wicked This Way Comes” Blog Hop because we have a spine-chilling line-up of spooky and spectacular projects featuring brand new Halloween-themed colors of Rumple Ribbon for you to create for Halloween.

We’re dying for you to see the new Lovebug Creations products and our chilling projects!


Christine Barker

{PS} Don’t miss my FREE Halloween Printable: You’ve Been Boo’d!

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The full set of printables plus instructions can be found here!


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