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Scarlet Calliope We Been Bood FB 1

I miss the days when my kids were little and I could enjoy the sweet delights of Halloween through their eyes. The first time we got Boo’d I was so surprised, I’d never even heard of it before!  After a stealthy knock at our door, I found a cute ghost picture telling us we’d been Boo’d and we put it up in our window to let everyone know that we’d been hit!  And, we got some yummy treats, too!

Now that my kids are almost 15 and 20 we don’t get to do some of those fun things anymore, like leaving a cute picture and a treat on someones door step, or choosing an adorable halloween costume and passing out candy together. Or carving pumpkins, or decorating the house with their Halloween-themed art projects. Shoot, I think I feel a tear coming.

But I love the BOO tradition so much, I thought it would be fun to do as an adult, too!   I created a couple free printables you can use to BOO your friends and family at their homes or office. And, there’s an image I designed that you can use on social media, like Facebook, or Instagram, or even email or however you want to use it!

Scarlet Calliope We Been Bood Set page 1

This is Page 1 of the Free Printable. Just click on the image and it will appear in a separate tab. You can print it out from there or save to your desktop by dragging it or by right clicking on it and then saving.

Scarlet Calliope We Been Bood Set page 2

This is Page 2 of the Free Printable. Print out both and follow the directions on Page 1.

Scarlet Calliope I Been Bood Set page 2

If you want to BOO someone at the office, this one is perfect!

Scarlet Calliope We Been Bood FB 1

This is the image to use for Facebook or any of your social media.

You can use this saying for Facebook:

You’ve Been Boo’d!
Here’s a sweet ghoul to make you smile, share with a friend you haven’t seen in a while!
Happy Halloween!

I hope you enjoy surprising your friends and family and starting a new Halloween tradition! It’s so much fun to see the signs appearing all over the neighborhood!

Thank you so much for stopping by. If you’d like some cute ideas for handmade Halloween decorations, check out my easy BeWitching Hat Tutorial and my Vintage-Inspired Boo Banner project. I also have a fun and spooky Printable Vintage Halloween Collage available.


Christine Barker

PS:  It means so much to me to receive comments and know that people are enjoying my projects. Please leave some love!


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