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Candle Wrapper 1

Now that my children are older we don’t celebrate Halloween the way we used to. Thankfully my friend, Julie Weller, started hosting a Sweet and Sinister Swap. Our swap has some basic ground rules and some guidelines.  The theme is Vintage Black and White or Cream with a splash of orange, green, purple or red.

For the swap we send our partner:

  • Something Sweet
  • Something Sinister
  • Something Handmade
  • Something Thrifted
  • Something Home Decor

Once partners are assigned we contact each other and say if there’s any particular aspects of Halloween decor that we don’t like. I’m easy, I like it all!  Ok, I don’t like blood and guts, but otherwise I’m good.

Last Halloween my partner was Julie and knowing how much she loves Disneyland I made her a Haunted Mansion Vignette starring Madame Leota for her Something Sinister.

Sweet and Sinister 1

It has an awesome special effect in the roof that flashes lights into the room and makes scary noises. Madame Leota’s glow in the dark head is in a crystal ball and she’s surrounded by floating objects that you would see inside the Haunted Mansion, like a trumpet and a candelabra. The wallpaper is the same as the Haunted Mansion with creepy eyes that glow in the dark.

Scarlet Calliope Sweet and Sinister 2

There’s a bell for ringing, a pile of spooky skulls and one of my favorite details is the picture of the reclining Cat Lady.

ScarletCalliope Sweet and Sinister 4

I packed up Julie’s goodies in a box that I decorated with a antique-inspired Mourning Cockade.

ScarletCalliope Sweet and Sinister 7

Luckily for me, the avalanche of presents from Julie was amazing!  I love how all of my wrapped prezzies look sitting in my dining room. (Louis, in the back, is totally photo bombing!)

ScarletCalliope Sweet and Sinister 8

Julie made an incredibly sinister and spooky crow in a cage. I ADORE this guy and all of the weird creepy crawlies that keep him company in his cage.

ScarletCalliope Sweet and Sinister 9

An adorable owl candle and a frightening artists printers tray decorate my mantel. The printers tray has some phenomenal details, like a creepy baby trapped in a spiders web, pumpkins, poison, a rusty key and an odd, ghoulish looking lady stuck in a spider web. I really hit the partner jackpot when Julie assigned herself to me!

ScarletCalliope Sweet and Sinister 6

Some licorice in a jar that looks like it’s from an apothecary and a charming skeleton photo holder.

ScarletCalliope Sweet and Sinister 10

And, knowing how much I love Hello Kitty, Julie found some Hot Chocolate with Halloween Hello Kitty and a fun vintage printed tea towel.

ScarletCalliope Sweet and Sinister 3

Check out my Sweet and Sinister Swap presents adorning my mantel.

Here are some links to other Sweet & Sinister Swaps, including the one that inspired Julie to launch her own, hosted by ArtsyMama. You can get a great idea of the types of items that are handmade and you can see the love and care that goes into selecting each and every item.

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Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope that you’re inspired to participate in a Sweet and Sinister Swap of your own!


Christine Barker

{PS} Don’t miss my FREE Halloween Printable: You’ve Been Boo’d!

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The full set of printables plus instructions can be found here!


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