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ScarletCalliope Pam Munns 2

I celebrated my birthday last month for pretty much the entire month. It only comes once a year so I try to make the most of it!

My friend, Pam Munns, whom I met in a Sally Jean Alexander soldering class, created a delightful, turquoise crown that is an incredible, colorful and personal gift. I’m so happy and lucky to have a lot of really talented friends!  While visiting Pam last month I admired the collages that she creates for her soldered ornaments. I also coveted a beautiful paper crown that she had made and had displayed in her incredible craft studio.

ScarletCalliope Pam Munns 7

I was completely surprised by her thoughtful and personal gift and all of the hard work that she put into making it.  It starts off with one of my favorite vintage images, an angel resting on the moon, with Scarlet Calliope across the front. There are so many visual delights that I’m still discovering elements in the collage that I didn’t notice before.

ScarletCalliope Pam Munns 4

Knowing how much I love swans, she placed images of swans on either side of the “Birthday Girl” banner. On one side of the crown there’s images of tea cups, a rabbit, the letter C, the Eiffel Tower, images that we both have on our Pinterest Boards, and a picture of my husband wearing a top hat (she really pays attention, I adore top hats! And my husband, lol!).

ScarletCalliope Pam Munns 5

A funny thing happened while my friend Michelle Hurtt and I were spending the weekend with Pam. We hit up a dollar store to see what we could find and I found Candy Corn and grabbed a bag for us all to share while crafting later that day. I later discovered that there are people among us who are candy corn SNOBS! Seriously! I’m not going to mention any names but her name begins with the letter M. She will only eat Brachs Candy Corn and scoffs at anything less. So Pam added in some pictures of of Candy Corn and a sign that says, “Not Brachs”.

ScarletCalliope Pam Munns 3

On the other side of the crown you see a vintage picture of birds in a cage, a corset, a Steam Punk Car, a picture of the Lemon Drop that Pam’s husband, Dwight, mixed up for us, and a picture of my favorite furry nephew, Ghillie. Ghillie is Pam and Dwight’s border collie puppy who kept us all entertained with his sweet antics while we were visiting. I miss him!

ScarletCalliope Pam Munns 6

The crown is tied with a gorgeous turquoise ribbon. What I adore the most about this beautiful gift is the time and thought that Pam put into making it special for me: My favorite colors, images, person and furry nephew. What’s interesting is that last month was the first time that Pam and I have spent time together aside from sitting across the table from each other in a soldering class. And in one weekend she absorbed and understood me by simply observing, seeing what I post on FB and Pinterest and by paying attention to what I was shopping for while we went to the 2 Speckled Hens flea market. I think that this ability to absorb someone merely by observing may be a talent shared by Libra’s but I’m sure that there are other people from other birth signs who are awesome like that as well.

I love when you have an instant connection with someone and I cherish my friends who make my life burst with happiness. Thank you Pam, for a gorgeous and special gift that I’ll treasure forever! I heart you!


Christine Barker