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ScarletCalliope Rosettes 1

I love joining Christmas Ornament Swaps, it gives me so much happiness to open up a box and see a set of dreamy ornaments made by my super talented friends. Sometimes I forget how much work it takes to create ornaments for these swaps and I end up joining 4 of them in my ambitious, but joyful and festive, fashion.

For one of the ornament sets, I need to create a lot of small paper rosettes. Thankfully, Martha Stewart thinks of everything and she (or her team or someone) created the Martha Stewart Scoring Board. It makes it really easy to get nice, even, scores on your card stock so that your rosettes turn out looking professional, instead of all mangled, which is what used to happen to me.

Scarlet Calliope Music sheet copyright free

I created the Vintage Sheet Music card stock by downloading a copyright free image from The Graphics Fairy and then dropped it into Photoshop and made some edits to create a continuous design that I could print onto card stock. Feel free to click on the image and download a copy for yourself!


  • Martha Stewart Scoring Board + Included Bone Folder
  • Cardstock
  • Low Temp Hot Glue Gun
  • 1″ Circle Craft Punch


  1. Cut your paper into strips. I needed to create 3.25″ rosettes so I cut my strips into 1.5″ widths.
  2. Score one side of the paper at the inch and half inch marks, then flip it over and score the other side on each quarter inch mark. My scores are at every 1/4″ so that my rosettes don’t stick out too much from my ornament.
  3. Begin accordion folding your paper.
  4. Glue your strips end to end using your hot glue gun. See video for details on this step.
  5. Cut your strips into 14″ lengths. To create a rosette that was 3″ round and had enough fullness, I needed 14″ of strip to create a single rosette. I used 4 sheets of 8.5″x11″ card stock printed with the vintage music.
  6. Punch out 2 small 1″ circles from cardstock for each rosette that you’ll be making.
  7. Using your hot glue gun, glue each strip to itself to create a circle.
  8. Set the circle on a flat surface and push the top towards the center so that it lays flat. Once you have your rosette in place, add some hot glue all around the center and quickly lay a circle of card stock on it and hold it down in place until the glue cools. (See video for my way of taming the rosette from repeatedly leaping off your craft surface!)
  9. Flip over the rosette and glue another circle in the middle of the back to make it hold it’s shape.

ScarletCalliope Rosettes 2

Thanks for joining me!  Let me know in the comments if you find this helpful, I’d love to hear from you!


Christine Barker