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I recently spent a creative weekend with my friends, Pam Munns and Michelle Hurtt. Both Michelle and Pam are really talented and inspire me to no end. After spending two days shopping with them and discovering creative nirvana, I realized I needed to up my game if I’m to grow as an artist and a crafter. With that thought in mind, I decided to follow my heart and work on a project I’ve had in my head for some time.

ScarletCalliope Oh Dear 1

A mounted deer head, with nectarine blossoms for antlers, and a wreath made out of vintage sheet music.

ScarletCalliope Oh Dear 2

This fancy, luxe bow is created from a brand new color of Rumple Ribbon from Lovebug Creations called HUGS!  It was just released in a Valentine Blog Hop over the weekend, along with some other amazing colors and a brand new product called Beautiful Blooms.

ScarletCalliope Oh Dear 3

I created the wreath using vintage sheet music, silk flowers, spun cotton mini mushrooms, and a technique I borrowed from a friend to make beautiful paper flowers. I’m not going to reveal the technique, since it was created by Michelle Hurtt. You’ll have to take a class from her to learn all about it!

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Christine Barker