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The wait is over, you can finally see all of the Valentine Charms!  And what a collection they are!

ScarletCalliope Valentine Charms 7How amazing are these charms?  I love all of them and especially because they were made by ladies who are near and dear to my heart and they put so much love into each one that they made.

Here’s the ladies who created this miniature works of art:

1. Michelle Duke
2. Carrie Reid Harney
3. Lonnie Jenck
4. Hope Habbe Ellington
5. Jeanine Stowe Weiss
6. Linda Vinson
7. Nicole Goodwin
8. Lori Stewart Dams
9. Pam Munns
10. Michelle Hurtt
11. Debbi Udall Wilcock
12. Carol Lucero
13. Ann Hammes
14. Rochelle Kretz Gaukel
15. Julie Gordon Weller
16. Christine Barker

Thanks so much ladies for joining the swap and making my Valentine’s Day holiday so pretty!

CB Crest Watermark Jackalope

And, I don’t know if you noticed, but I’ve created a crest for myself to use as the watermark on my pictures. I just couldn’t help but alter the antique crest file that I had from The Graphics Fairy to remove the lion and add a jackalope. He’s part lion and part Jackalope, so I guess he’s a Jackalion.

Thank you, dear, sweet blog readers, for joining me again and for all of your sweet comments. They really make it worth the effort that I put into creating these posts!


Christine Barker

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