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Glitterfest 2014

This weekend was the much anticipated Glitterfest in Anaheim, CA hosted by Sheryl Simpson and Dianne White of Whimzy in Tustin, CA. They also have a show in the fall and I look forward to both every year. I have some good friends who bring their art and treasures here and each time I go I make new friends!

ScarletCalliope Glitterfest 2014 1

This year the Expo Center was decorated with a sweet candy theme and I just adore the sweet colors!

ScarletCalliope Glitterfest 2014 2

One of the vendors is my friend, Michelle Hurtt, selling some beautiful and truly authentic vintage millinery flowers and blooms. These flowers are from the 1930’s through the 1950’s and are virtually impossible to find anymore. The collection that she has is in amazing condition and what an extensive and beautiful collection she has!  For this Glitterfest, Michelle wanted to share some of her treasures with the Glitterfest attendees and introduce everyone to her new business. Last week we chose the flowers from her warehouse and I put them together into color collections. I’m so proud of my friend for going out on a limb and pursuing her passion and I’m excited for her new business venture. I can’t wait to see what direction she takes with her incredible stash of goodies. Michelle is known for her exquisite attention to detail and her beautiful design sense and I know that everything that comes out of her studio will be stunning!

ScarletCalliope Glitterfest 2014 3

Here I am with sweet Lisa Loria in the photo booth!

ScarletCalliope Glitterfest 2014 6

Lisa is known for her whimsical designs and is going back to her artistic roots and spending more time painting. I am loving the direction she is headed in!

ScarletCalliope Glitterfest 2014 7

More of Lisa’s adorable work!

ScarletCalliope Glitterfest 2014 5

Have you ever seen a cuter necklace?  These are made by Tara Wilson of Lulu Max Jewelry.

ScarletCalliope Glitterfest 2014 4

Tara specializes in mixing vintage pieces of jewelry with modern pieces and creates truly one-of-a-kind wearable art.

ScarletCalliope Glitterfest 2014 8

These gorgeous pastries are from Kristy Lynn of Sweet Insanity Bake Shop.

ScarletCalliope Glitterfest 2014 13

Here’s my favorite son, Trevor, trying on some spectacles in the Little White Farmhouse booth. Since he was with me and being so patient I tried to hurry through the show and didn’t get to spend as much time looking, chatting and taking pictures as I usually do. But, he was such a good sport and even carried a really heavy cement head to the car for me without me even asking!

ScarletCalliope Glitterfest 2014 14

Little White Farmhouse always has a wonderful collection of vintage items that I just love!

ScarletCalliope Glitterfest 2014 15

And then I saw two of my friends, Dotti Cordell and Jo Lynch!  I was introduced to these girls through a swap hosted by one of my BFF’s, Julie Weller, and met them in person for the first time at Glitterfest a year ago. We keep in touch via Facebook and I just love them!

ScarletCalliope Glitterfest 2014 18

While walking through the aisles this table caught my eye. I saw some very familiar art work and did a double take. I had no idea that Julie Haymaker Thompson would be at Glitterfest!

ScarletCalliope Glitterfest 2014 17

I’ve always loved her art and can I just tell you how thrilled I was to finally meet her in person? Her art is cute, fun and whimsical and she is one of the most down to earth people I’ve ever met. I think I’ve convinced her that she has to come out to Orange County again in the very near future to teach a class. (I’m not above begging if I have to!)

ScarletCalliope Glitterfest 2014 19

I just love her style, the colors she uses and her paper clay dolls are just so fun and unique.

ScarletCalliope Glitterfest 2014 21

One of her dolls is holding a cat and since I have 5 cats and may have been nicknamed “Crazy Cat Lady” by my niece, Noel, I just knew Julie’s doll was destined to come home with me. This picture shows my kitties, Mr Darcy and KirJava, checking out the adorable doll.

ScarletCalliope Glitterfest 2014 9

One of my favorite booths is Tiki Ranch and they never disappoint with an extensive selection of findings, bits, bobs and doo dads.

ScarletCalliope Glitterfest 2014 10

Victorian Scrap?  Tiki Ranch has it covered!

ScarletCalliope Glitterfest 2014 11

I found some fun treasures in the booth of Leticia Fernandez of JLF Design Studio. From Charlotte heads to paper clay creations she had a fun mix of goodies to peruse.

ScarletCalliope Glitterfest 2014 12

I found a bevy of beautiful jewelry in this booth from Susan of Susan’s Charming Trinkets.

ScarletCalliope Glitterfest 2014 16

Do you love miniature animals like I do?  This booth from Meyer Imports had wonderful reproduction mushrooms, mini plastic animals just like you used to get in the cracker jack box and every color of German glass glitter that you can imagine!

Thank you so much for stopping by and reading my review of Glitterfest 2014.  Have a wonderfully creative weekend!


Christine Barker