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Women are like tea bags.

We don’t know our true strength

til we’re in hot water!

-Eleanor Roosevelt


And how true is that? We’re going along through life and we get slammed from the side from some unforeseen challenge and we rise up to meet it. It’s not until later that we realize exactly what we’ve just accomplished and give ourselves a pat on the back for meeting the challenge head on and not running from it.

For this week’s project, I’m inspired by all things tea related so I’ve created a tea cup from scratch. My challenge, thankfully a small one this time, is that I want a certain tea cup shaped die and it’s sold out everywhere. If only I’d bought it when it was first released! (Foiled again!)  So, I created my own template and I’m sharing it with you in case you’d like to make your own cup of tea!

ScarletCalliope Tea Cup 1

This tea cup features some beautiful Lovebug Creations Rumple Ribbon in “Crushed” from the Loves Me, Loves Me Knot Collection and a little bit of “Buttercream” from the I Do Collection.


ScarletCalliope Tea Cup 2

The flower is from the Love in Bloom Collection in “Crushed“. Beautiful Blooms are made of clay, hand dyed and have a glossy finish to the top side of them. The bottom is not glossy to make it easy to adhere these embellishments to your projects.


ScarletCalliope Tea Cup 3

I filled the tea bag with some organic lavender and it smells so good! Wouldn’t this make a great gift for Mother’s Day, a birthday or even as a favor for a wedding shower?



ScarletCalliope Tea Cup Template


Here’s the free printable, ready for you to glue to chipboard and cut out or use as a template with your own card stock glued to chipboard.   To create my cup I glued card stock to both sides of a piece of 8.5″ x 11″ chipboard and set it aside to dry. Once dry, I cut out my shapes. The base of the cup can also be punched out using a 1.5″ circle punch, just use two pieces of card stock and glue them back to back.  You’ll want to use a really strong adhesive tape, like Sookwang, or even a low temp glue gun to ensure the cup doesn’t come apart. I used regular paper glue to attach the cup base and let it dry upside down overnight. To create the handles, I wrapped the chipboard around a pencil to get the curlicue effect and then used adhesive tape to attach it to the cup. To shape the saucer, I just gently pulled up the edges and worked my way around the shape to get the edges to come up.

Thanks for stopping by to see my project.  Remember, stay calm and drink tea.  Have a great week!


Christine Barker