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ScarletCalliope Kimi Birthday 6

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Have you been seeing the cutest birthday projects ever?  If you arrived at my blog and would like to start at the beginning, which is also the birthday girl’s blog, please hop on over to Lovebug Creations. If you arrived at my blog from Dawn Mercedes, then you’re in the right place!

Here’s my birthday card for Kimi:


ScarletCalliope Kimi Birthday 1

Kimi’s favorite colors are pink and green so I created a card and sweet faux cupcake photo holders using those colors. I hope she likes them!


ScarletCalliope Kimi Birthday 2

My card features several Lovebug Creations products:

Rumple Ribbon in Purpledise

Simply Sheer Ribbon in White

Mama’s Mesh in White

Beautiful Blooms in White



ScarletCalliope Kimi Birthday 3

Doesn’t the Mama’s Mesh look so nice behind all of those crazy colors? The embossed pattern you see on the hot pink is from Tim Holtz.


ScarletCalliope Kimi Birthday 4

I created some faux cupcakes using directions I found online and this was a MESSY project. There was plaster, caulk, and paint everywhere! I had to experiment with the frosting and ended up using caulk mixed with a little bit of plaster and some acrylic paint. The plaster gave the caulk the sturdiness it needed to hold up until it dried.


ScarletCalliope Kimi Birthday 5

These pretty ribbons are Rumple Ribbon from Lovebug Creations in Purpledise. Each cupcake has a different sprinkle. The first one has mica, the second has glass glitter and the third has pink glitter.

Kimi, Happy Birthday to one of my favorite people in the whole world. I wish that Ohio was closer to California so that we could get together and craft and I could give you a Happy Birthday Hug in person!

And to everyone who stopped by, Thank You for hopping!  Please leave a happy comment for Kimi before you go!  Your next destination is over to Kristi to see her pretty project.


Christine Barker


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