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I love Jello Molds, Tart Tins, or whatever you like to call these adorable aluminum mini pans. For whatever reason I’ve been buying them at the flea market and antique shops and I have quite a collection. Way more than I realized as I was just buying a couple here and a couple there. I put them all together the other day and was shocked at how many I had.

So, now I need to figure out what I’m going to do with all of them. Here’s a round up of ideas using these awesome little vintage containers:



ScarletCalliope Pin Cushion 19



I made these vintage inspired Pin Cushions, some featuring vintage Jello Molds, to sell at a recent Downton Abbey themed event that I went to. You can find them for sale in my Etsy shop.



They’re used to make Tart Tin Jewelry Pendants, just add paper, embellishments and resin!


What about some mini string lights?



They can be a table number or photo holder, like this one made by LittleCottageCrafts on Etsy.



Or tea light holders like these.



What about making some cute toadstools like these by Organized Clutter?




They can be a cute little planter in your kitchen for succulents like this one by Botanicality.




They make a cute pincushion like this one by myvioletwonderland.



Or an Altered Art Doll by myalteredmuse



Or they can be used as containers for a gift, like Linda McClain did.



Or as mini assemblages like these from Jenni Bowlin.


If you come up with any great ideas for me, let me know! Thanks for stopping by!


Christine Barker