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ScarletCalliope Picket Fence 18


It’s taken me years to feel brave enough to have my own booth at a flea market. I have a collection of things that I’ve been collecting for years, (plus a couple collections that I’m ready to call it quits with), all with the intention of selling them in my own personal boutique at a flea market. When I heard about the Behind the Picket Fence Marketplace, I just knew I had to give it a try. Well, first I thought about it and changed my mind a bunch of times, but in the end I made the leap and I’m so happy that I finally did it!


ScarletCalliope Picket Fence 1


Thankfully I had a petit army of people to help me with my state of mind and artfully arranging my booth. Going into this event I was scared as could be, but knowing that my sweet husband and son would be there to help me set up and sell gave me some peace of mind. They were spectacular helpers, setting up the booth, doing the heavy lifting, greeting customers as they stopped by and handing out my business cards. Trevor even had a side business going selling some of the hundreds of burlap coffee bean bags that I had for sale. (If you want some, please just let me know! I have a few left!)

And I’m so thankful for my friend, Deb Kennedy, who’s an extraordinary Writer, Stylist, Designer and Speaker based out of Orange County, CA. When I put out the SOS for help to foof up my booth and give it some decorator savvy, she answered the call. I was petrified that I would set up the booth and it wouldn’t look like the picture that I had in my head. Deb came to the rescue and got right to work, rearranging items, placing them just right and using items in ways that I NEVER would have thought of. Plus, she took all of these beautiful photos!


ScarletCalliope Picket Fence 14 ScarletCalliope Picket Fence 9 ScarletCalliope Picket Fence 7

Left to my own devices I would more than likely just put things out on the table but Deb knew just how to display things so that they would be shown to their best advantage. Like the vintage fruit picking sack, and the dress form, and the shabby chic tea pot with gloves.



ScarletCalliope Picket Fence 13 ScarletCalliope Picket Fence 11 ScarletCalliope Picket Fence 10

I also had a selection of my handmade Union Flag aprons and pillows, burlap pillows, and fancy pincushions available for sale.



ScarletCalliope Picket Fence 16

I created a variety of decor to give my booth my style so that people would know as soon as they saw it what I was all about. Several people asked if I would sell my fabric garland but I told them I’d have to charge them over $100 since it pretty much took me an entire day and too much fabric to create. I can’t sell it, it’s too pretty!

ScarletCalliope Picket Fence 15

Burlap and rose decorations.




ScarletCalliope Picket Fence 8

Petticoats on a parasol.


ScarletCalliope Picket Fence 6

And, I hand painted a sign with my name to let people know who I was.



Scarlet Calliope Frame 2 Scarlet Calliope Frame 1 Scarlet Calliope Frame 3

And finally, I had a photo booth to take pics of some willing shoppers as they stopped by.


All in all it was a wonderful day!  I felt great because I finally conquered my fear of participating in a flea market, I cleared out some of my inventory and I got to spend the day with some wonderful people. It meant so much to me for people that I knew to stop by my booth because it was so nice to see familiar faces and when they gave me compliments about my booth I was over the moon! I think I’m ready for the next challenge now, I’ve got this!

ScarletCalliope Picket Fence 2


Thanks so much for stopping by! I have some of these items and more listed in my Etsy shop if you are interested in purchasing them.


Also, this is my 125th post so I think that’s a reason to celebrate!  I’ll be giving away one of my pin cushions to one lucky person who likes this post and leaves a comment here on the blog. Who wants to win?


Christine Barker