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ScarletCalliope 4 up altered books


Altered Books, Art Journals, whatever you like to call it I call them amazing!  You can take any book, paint it, collage it, fold it or tear it and make it yours. Add some swatches of fabric, paint chips, some vintage ephemera and you have a great piece of art to enjoy that you personalized and created on your own.  Here’s a round up of interesting, eclectic and artistic altered books for you to enjoy.

At the end I’ve posted the name of the winner from my last post! Maybe it’s you!



1.  This is a pretty incredible example of an altered book way before Altered Books became cool.


7 book blog

This great blog post is brought to us by CappuccinoAndArtJournal and you’ll want to check out the other pages that she has posted from this antique journal, great stuff!


2. How incredible is this?

Altered Books


This book was taught at the MacLean County Arts Center in Bloomington, IL a year ago. How amazing is this?  I would love to take this class!  “Bring in some of your old books and turn them into art by cutting, drawing, gluing, collage, and just about anything you might think of to alter the state of an almost forgotten form of literature.”  WOW!


3.  I love the whimsy of this incredible book by Raidersofthelostart.



It’s available for purchase in their Etsy Shop.


4. Setting Them Free Altered Book by Sharen Chatterton


This is a stunning example of objects bursting out of the page, so lovely! The contrast between the plain images in the book and the colorful dimensional butterflies is wonderful.


5. One of my favorite artists is Ingrid Dijikers. I feel very fortunate to have taken a class with her at Art & Soul in Portland, OR several years ago. We created the beginnings of a book in her class “Through the Rabbit Hole”.


All of her work is so incredibly artistic and even her doodles are perfectly placed. Check out her blog to see more of her amazing work!


6.  This is super cute!


I found it on Tumblr so I’m not sure who to give the credit to. If anyone knows, let me know and I’ll update this!


7.  This gorgeous altered book was created by tarnishedandtattered






8.  Tarnished and Tattered also created this gorgeous Wedding Book as a present for her cousin.



Unbelievably gorgeous!



9.  I am also loving this travel book by Melissa Thiese.




I’m planning on borrowing some design elements, (like the folded over page to create a pocket!) from it to document my last couple vacations when I finally get around to creating books about them!



10.  And this heart shaped book is stunning. I believe it was created by FlyinPurpleMunkiez.


I love how it has hidden spaces to keep treasured items!


Thanks for joining me on this journey through altered books!

Have a wonderfully creative week!


Christine Barker


PS:  The winner from my last post is number 8, which is Patty Antle!!!  Congrats Patty!  Please visit my Etsy shop and choose one of the Pin Cushions priced at $15 and email me at kryztyne @ gmail.com (remove spaces) to let me know which one you’ve chosen. Thank you to everyone who left a comment, I appreciate you playing along!