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Hi!  Welcome to Day 2 of my posts about our trip to the UK. Today I’m going to show you the beautiful campus of Haileybury College in Hertford Heath, England where our son, Trevor, went to soccer (or football if you’re from anywhere outside the US) camp hosted by the Tottenham Hotspur organization.

Scarlet Calliope Tottenham Camp 2

We rode the train from Stratford, London up to Hertford Heath and had a cab drive us from the train station to the college. This is the incredible view that greeted us.  Just look at that beautiful patina on the chapel dome!

Scarlet Calliope Tottenham Camp 3

There is a gorgeous tree-lined lane leading up to the main entrance of the school. I just loved walking around this campus, it has such a sense of history and purpose. There’s really no buildings in my area of California that have such wonderful age and architecture like this. I’m sure the other parents dropping off their sons thought I was mad for taking so many pictures of the buildings but I just had to take in and capture the experience.


Scarlet Calliope Tottenham Camp 6

Once you’ve gone through the archway there’s more amazing architecture at this college that was founded in 1806 by the East India Company. Here’s my favorite son, Trevor.

Scarlet Calliope Tottenham Camp 1

Can you believe how beautiful the campus of Haileybury College is?  This pic was taken with my iPhone, wow!


Scarlet Calliope Tottenham Camp 9

The dining hall reminded us of something you might see in Harry Potter. We kept looking for the sorting hat!

Scarlet Calliope Tottenham Camp 12

Incredible statuary was plentiful around the school.

Scarlet Calliope Tottenham Camp 13

This sweet angel was waiting right outside the dining hall.

Scarlet Calliope Tottenham Camp 14

Here’s the boys, in their Tottenham Hotspur track suits, on the last day of camp. The boys were grouped in their dorms with younger ones sharing halls (but not rooms) with the older boys so Trevor ended up with about 10 “little brothers”. When Trevor was called up to receive his certificate and his medal, the boys from his group chanted his name. It was so darn cute!

Thank you for stopping by to see my pics. Come back tomorrow to see our trip around Cambridge.


Christine Barker