With a passion for arts and crafts, a degree in Business Management, and a background in Online Marketing, I often find myself having a total identity crisis. I’m now involved in the wonderful world of letterpress printing and you can sometimes find me in my print studio. I love Steampunk, weddings, British Romantic Comedies, sewing and quilting, paper crafting, making jewelry, the UK Union Flag, fingerpainting, photography, rainstorms, shabby, industrial and prairie chic, unicorn hunting, pancake eating and needle felting. I love it all, no matter how crazy and broke it makes my husband. Find me on etsy in my shop CalliopeStudio: http://www.etsy.com/shop/CalliopeStudio You can also learn more by going to my blog: http://www.artandlovealchemy.blogspot.com
Cheers, Christine Barker

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