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I spend quite a bit of time on Pinterest looking for exciting new ideas and trends that I can incorporate into my creative projects. I do love being creative and creating art for arts sake, but I also love making something pretty that I can use around the house to make my life easier.


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I came across this dry-erase board idea on Pinterest a while back and was inspired to create something similar for this weeks project featuring Lovebug Creations Rumple Ribbon. You could create a board for writing down: your schedule, love notes to your family, a grocery list, or inspirational quotes. Or make one for each of those tasks!

ScarletCalliope pretty Dry Erase Board 1

I started with an 8″x10″ wooden frame that I bought at the dollar store and then put in a sheet of 8″x10″ scrapbook paper. Next, I started creating my embellishments. A lace scrap became a flower, a left over rosette from another project was incorporated, I added a mother of pearl button, and then I hot glued on a length of rhinestones.

ScarletCalliope Pretty Dry Erase Board 2

I cut up some vintage sheet music and created a rosette using my Martha Stewart Score Board.  Next, I added some German glass glitter to the paper flower on the right, topped it with a mini crocheted doily and finished it with a mother of pearl button. The scallop edge circle to the right is from a scrap of vintage wall paper.

ScarletCalliope Pretty Dry Erase Board 4

I got brave and used some scraps of vintage lace from my stash to decorate the top and side edges. The flowers started off as white so I diluted some cream-colored acrylic paint with water and painted the paper and fabric flowers. Next, I glued some large silver glitter to the paper flower.

ScarletCalliope Pretty Dry Erase Board 3

The beautiful bow is made using three different colors of Lovebug Creations Rumple RibbonOh Darling, Buttercream and Augusta. Using a tutorial that I found, I wrote out the quote in fake calligraphy using a dry erase marker. I think I need more practice. The nice thing is that if you don’t like the way it looks you can just wipe off the glass and try again!

ScarletCalliope Pretty Dry Erase Board 5

Here’s the dry-erase board on my wall.  What do you think?

Thank you so much for visiting my blog!  It makes me super excited when visitors leave comments, it makes it all worthwhile and tells me that someone is looking and hopefully getting inspired!

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And, I have a special announcement!  You may have heard that Lovebug Creations is looking for some new Creative Team Members.  Check out their blog for all the juicy details!


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